TL;DR: Look good and reduce lower back pain with this 45 min booty workout. Video below.

Mums, today we are talking booties. Or if I put my personal trainer hat on, glutes.

Adding a good glute workout to your exercise routine isn’t just about looking good. The glutes actually play a key role in most of our day to day movements. After all, they are the largest muscle in our bodies, and they are essential in connecting our lower bodies to our core.

When our body thinks that our glutes aren’t strong enough, it activates other muscle groups to compensate. This isn’t a good thing. Most of these compensatory muscles just aren’t big enough to deal with the load, and they burn out and then flare up in pain.

Ever had lower back pain? Or ever heard of other mums complain about lower back pain? It might be because of weak glutes. If the glutes aren’t strong enough to provide enough stabilisation to counteract a heavy baby bump, the body triggers its back muscles to compensate and help out. The back muscles aren’t as strong as your glutes- compare the size of your back muscles versus the size of your booty if you don’t believe me- so they fatigue and get sore. Not good for any mum.

So, I’ve prepared a 45 minute booty blasting workout that pregnant mums* can do anywhere with limited or minimal equipment. Work hard on building stronger and well activated glutes, and you’ll ensure that the right muscles are working at the right time. This will reduce your risk of injury and pain for life.

Now, it’s time to get off that ass, and start using it! Check out the video below:

Booty Wake Up

Repeat for 3 sets before moving onto the Booty Burner

  • 10 x Sumo Squats
  • 30 Second Rest
  • 10 x Step Ups (Lead With Your Left Leg
  • 10 x Step Ups (Lead With Your Right Leg)
  • 60 Second Rest

REPEAT for 3 sets total

Booty Burner

Repeat for 3 sets before moving onto the optional Booty Blaster

  • 10 x Clamshells (Lift Your Left Leg Off the Ground)
  • 10 x Clamshells (Lift Your Right Leg Off the Ground)
  • 30 Second Rest
  • 10 x Kneeling Bridges
  • 30 Seconds Rest
  • 20 x Reverse Lunges (Alternate Your Left and Right Leg)
  • 60 Seconds Rest

REPEAT for 3 sets total

Booty Blaster (Bonus)

1 Minute – Banded Squat Matrix.

The banded squat matrix can be a little complicated. I’d recommend watching the accompanying video if you’ve never done it before! (Skip to 02:28 in the video)


* Important Note on Postpartum Exercise (Please Read!)

If you’re no longer pregnant, but have just given birth you can do this workout too. However, I’d highly recommend you are first cleared by both your doctor and your personal trainer before getting back into exercise. You’ll need to get back into exercise safely and slowly. For more specific advice on postpartum recovery feel free to reach out to me at I’m happy to help!

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