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I'm Preggers and...


  • I’m scared I’ll harm my baby by exercising
  • I don’t feel like I’m in control of my body
  • I don’t know what exercises are safe for me and my baby
  • I’m overwhelmed by all the information telling me what I should and shouldn’t do

No Worries, I Can Help You To:


  • Know exactly which exercises are safe for you and your baby
  • Know what to expect during each trimester and how to adjust your training as your body changes and your baby grows
  • Strengthen your body to reduce the chance of injury
  • Get a head start for a speedy postpartum recovery

My Prenatal Programme


You’re pregnant! It’s really happening! But wait  - suddenly your body is going through so much change and on top of that you’re feeling exhausted, nauseous and completely overwhelmed by the endless do’s and don’ts…


Your health and your baby's health is my number one priority. Let me put your mind at ease that the exercises you will do are safe for you and your baby. There are so many benefits to a fit pregnancy. It lowers your risk of injury and will help you during your postpartum recovery phase. I’ll guide you through each trimester and adjust your programme according to your needs and the changes your body is going through.


If you are interested in the benefits of exercising while pregnant, I'd like to help you start your fit and fab pregnancy journey with a free one hour assessment to find out more about you, your pregnancy and your fitness needs.

I've Given Birth and...


  • I don't know how to return to exercise safely
  • I’m exhausted. I just don’t have any energy
  • I have a pelvic floor issue and I don't know how to exercise with it
  • My body doesn’t feel like my own. How do I return to my daily activities and doing the things I love?

It's Okay, I Can Help You To:


  • Slow down! Learn how to incorporate rest and recovery with your daily activities following your C-section, assisted or vaginal birth
  • Learn the exercises that will safely target and rehabilitate common postpartum issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse and perineal tearing
  • Reconnect with your core by restoring strength and function and safely return to your pre-baby activities

My Postnatal Programme


The postpartum period is a perfect opportunity to rest, recover and reset. It doesn’t always feel like that though. It’s hard to find motivation when you’re healing, juggling naps, running low on energy, feeding and doing a dozen other things. You don’t need the stress of wondering which exercises you should or shouldn’t be doing. I’ll guide you through restoring function and strength to your pelvic floor and safely progress your fitness so you can return to your pre-baby activities and sports.


If you'd like to discuss a recovery plan to safely progress from giving birth to returning to exercise, getting back to your favourite sports and hitting the gym, contact me for your first free assessment.

*I'm also available to do home visits, as well as coach out of Sheung Wan on a case by case basis. If you'd like to discuss these options please get in touch.


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