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A Safe Full Body Babywearing Workout for Busy Mums

Babywearing Workouts Featured Image

TL;DR: Babywearing workouts can be a win-win for busy mums and cuddly babies. But be mindful of safety for mum and baby. Video below. You’re a busy mum with a baby. You’d love to shift your ‘mum tum’, but with so much going on it seems you’ll never find time to hit the gym. Meanwhile,…

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Mastering the Hip Hinge, and Why You Should Do It

Mastering the Hip Hinge Featured Image

TL;DR: 5 drills to get you started on the hip hinge. They could save your back. If you haven’t read this article, and you can’t tell a hip hinge from a door hinge, chances are you shouldn’t be lifting weights in a gym. Why? Because, the hip hinge is the movement at the core of…

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Squat Your Way to a Healthier Pregnancy

Squat Your Way to A Healthier Pregnancy

TL;DR: Squats are a fantastic compound exercise to work your body. Mix them up with different variations. Exercise fads and silly machines might come and go, but sometimes it’s the classics that have real staying power. Squats are just one of those exercises. They are one of the first movements that we learn, and they…

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Easing Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy | Some Helpful Exercises

Pelvic Girdle Pain

TL;DR: Find solutions to Pelvic Girdle Pain. Video below. Pelvic Girdle Pain Explained Are you experiencing pain in your hips, lower back and pubic region? Is it particularly painful when you stand on one leg, when you widen your stance, climb stairs or get out of bed? Do you feel a weird grinding or clicking sensation…

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The Four Best Ab And Core Exercises To Do While Pregnant

4 Awesome Core Exercises

TL;DR: Don’t be scared of core work if you stick to these four exercises. Videos for each exercise below. Are you nervous about doing core training and ab work while pregnant? Many women have likely heard that doing exercises such as crunches and sit-ups while pregnant can contribute to a scary sounding post-birth problem called Diastasis…

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