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 You live on the Southside, and you’d like to train on the Southside as well. You don’t want to have to travel into town and back to get a good workout. Instead, you’re looking for a small but well equipped studio with personal trainers who understand your needs. You want specific guidance about how to reach your fitness goals and you want to be treated like a person, and not a sales figure. If this sounds like you, come and try your first personal training in Stanley with us.


Ring Pull Ups During Personal Training in Stanley

Train with either NASM certified personal trainer Esther Bland, or FRC certified mobility specialist Niall Westley. Between us, we have experience working with everyone from new mums to seasoned athletes, to novices completely new to strength and conditioning.

Benefit from a consistent workout routine, with custom training plans suited to your level of ability and your busy timetable.

Get feedback from seasoned coaches, who can monitor your progress, keep you accountable and help you achieve your movement and strength goals.

Learn how to do effective compound exercises like the Barbell back squat, the deadlift, and the military press under the guidance of expert instructors.



I hope that my personal training can help others lead healthier and more active lives. I love working with female clients, because I think they really benefit from a coach who understands their body type. And I also love working with beginners to exercise, because it makes my day when my clients get stronger, fitter and more confident in their bodies.



Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach, GGS

Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner, Burrell Education

MenoStrength®, Burrell Education

Menopause 2.0, Dr. Stacy Sims

Esther Bland Personal Trainer Hong Kong Profile
Niall Westley Mobility Specialist Hong Kong Portrait


I've been lucky enough to experience tons of different types of physical training. I did nearly two years of bootcamp as an army officer. and I've trained as a national athlete representing Team GB. Plus, I've also learnt about training the body from my perspective as a qualified mobility specialist and yoga teacher. I'd love to use these experiences to help you get stronger, fitter and to move better.



Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

RYT-200, Yoga Alliance


Cardio equipment used by professional athletes, including a Concept 2 rowing ergometer and air bike.

Extensive selection of free weights, as well as strength equipment like gymnastic rings, a four post rack, lat pulldown, cable row, landmine and glute hamstring developer.

Access to a hot shower and changing area.

Private personal training studio close to your home. Perfect for your personal training if you live in Stanley or the Southside of Hong Kong Island.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine in Stanley HK Personal Training Studio


“In true Hong Kong fashion, I have a hectic work schedule, dislike gyms and LOVE food; I had always postponed training until I met Esther. I went to the first lesson with lots of self doubt and self consciousness, but she was quick to make me feel at home and most importantly -for someone that had never used her upper body muscles-, she made me feel safe. She pushes me, but guides me throughout every single workout, she has all these personalised charts and tables that add the bit of professionalism that reassures someone like me. I finally feel I am in the right path and can commit to a healthier more balanced lifestyle.  Bonus points for being one of the few doggy friendly personal trainers!”

Maly P.

“We had a great time with Esther leading circuits - she had creative workout plans, which were both fun and hard work! She was attentive with our form which is important for preventing injury and also maximising the effectiveness of the exercises. The SUP coaching was also really useful - even if you've been out before, having someone teach you how to do it properly is great!”

Natalie K.

"I highly recommend Esther as your very own PT. Esther has helped me achieve more strength and flexibility in my weaknesses and gently encouraged me to push myself a little more. In my job it's very important for me to remain fit and strong as in many situations I come across I need to rely on my strength. Esther understood this and worked on areas and wrote programs that fulfilled this. Esther is motivating, calm and relaxed, making anyone in her presence feel the same."

Melissa D.

"Absolutely love training with Esther. Before we started training, she sat down and listened to me and mapped out a strategy to achieve my goals. She’d create a month long program at a time, and with every new exercise she’d pay close attention to my form so I could slowly add weights without getting injured. She’s got great energy and knows how to encourage you without being annoying- how to push you so you leave feeling great about what you achieved (and usually pretty sweaty). Because of the training I did with her I successfully completed a race feeling stronger then I thought possible! I’ve given her name to four other women who also have had and continue to have positive feedback. I really can’t recommend Esther enough!"

Erin Juhl




Contact us to learn more and start your personal training journey with us. We're happy to offer a 30 minute complimentary Zoom consultation, where we can talk more about your goals, your lifestyle as well as our training methods. So get in touch today!


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