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I love showing women new to strength training how to build a solid foundation for good movement and watch them get stronger and stronger. My private studio in Stanley is the perfect place to learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Why Get Personal Training?

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Build lean muscle mass for a lean physique

Improve your overall strength and fitness

Improve your body's natural posture and alignment

Improve your metabolism and burn calories

Reduce your risk of injuries and strengthen vulnerable joints

Why Train With Me?

I'm a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) qualified personal trainer

I've been a competitive rower for over 11 years, and have always incorporated weight training into my training regime

I run a quiet and private boutique studio in Stanley perfect for intimate private and semi-private sessions

Esther Bland Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Training Outdoors


“In true Hong Kong fashion, I have a hectic work schedule, dislike gyms and LOVE food; I had always postponed training until I met Esther. I went to the first lesson with lots of self doubt and self consciousness, but she was quick to make me feel at home and most importantly -for someone that had never used her upper body muscles-, she made me feel safe. She pushes me, but guides me throughout every single workout, she has all these personalised charts and tables that add the bit of professionalism that reassures someone like me. I finally feel I am in the right path and can commit to a healthier more balanced lifestyle.  Bonus points for being one of the few doggy friendly personal trainers!”

Maly P.

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