TL;DR: A killer arms workout to prepare you for carrying baby. Video below.

Strong arms aren’t just for those huge, sweaty guys who hog the free weights at the gym. Strong arms are for mums too.

Why? Because, a big part of being a mum involves lifting and carrying your baby, and as all mums know, babies are not light. Imagine coming back from a grocery run. It’s a hundred yards from the supermarket to your car. You’re alone with one baby, two bags of shopping, a nappy changing kit and an over excited dog. Are you exhausted thinking about it? Now imagine if you’ve got to do that with weak little spaghetti arms.

A Mum Carrying a Baby

The good news is that I’m about to demonstrate some great exercises that will turn those skinny little spaghettis into strong, capable muscles that can tackle anything motherhood will throw at you.

We’ll be focusing on developing both arms and both shoulders equally. It’s important to work both, so that you don’t become over dependent on one side. This is for two huge reasons. First, constantly lifting your baby on your strong side can develop muscle imbalances in your body, which will eventually lead to pain, immobility and discomfort. Second, constantly nursing and carrying your baby on the same side also forces your baby to have to turn to the same side when feeding and when looking at you. This causes the same kind of imbalances and strains, which can easily be avoided if you carry on both sides equally.

So let’s dive in to a killer arms and shoulder workout specifically designed for the needs of new mums:

Strong Mama Arms Circuit

  • 8-10 x Seated Alternating Shoulder Press (one rep = doing both sides)
  • 15-30 Second Rest
  • 8-10 x Standing Alternating Hammer Curls (one rep = doing both sides)
  • 15-30 Second Rest
  • 10-12 x French Press
  • 15-30 Second Rest
  • 12-15 x Wall Push Up
  • 60-90 Second Rest

REPEAT for 3 sets total

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