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Boutique Personal Training for Women's Fitness, Sports Mobility and Yoga


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Esther Bland Doing Personal Training with a Female Client


Are you a woman looking for a training program that understands your real life needs? We offer female-specific personal training to help you thrive at each stage of your life. Whether you are pregnant or trying to conceive, or you are peri-to post-menopausal, get in touch to train with our women's coach Esther.

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Are you struggling with aches and pains? Is your range of motion beginning to hold you back? Or are you looking for that extra edge in competition? We use effective mobilisation techniques, such as Functional Range Conditioning, to make you a better mover. Try a session and increase your joint health and longevity today.

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Niall Westley Conducting Sports Mobility Session with Client
Esther Bland Qualified Pre and Postnatal Coach with Client in Hong Kong


Are you a new or expectant mum interested in staying or getting fit? Do you want to get stronger for labour and prepare for postpartum? Learn from a qualified pre- & postnatal fitness coach, and practice exercises that are safe, effective and tailored for you.

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Tired of big box gyms, where you're packed in like sardines and you feel like a sales target instead of a person? We are too. Try our more personal approach  instead. Get in touch and we can build a specific training program around your goals, your lifestyle and your body.

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Aqua Terra Performance Yoga Class


Whether you are new to yoga, or you're a Vinyasa junkie, we'd love to welcome you to our sunny little yoga studio. We offer regular weekly classes with a maximum of 5 students. And we also teach private sessions too. So get in touch to unwind and relax in our calming and plant-filled studio by the beach.

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Looking for a low impact but highly effective way to sculpt your body, build your core strength, address your postural issues and long term back pain? Pilates might be a great training modality for you. We offer tailored classes for beginners and experienced Pilates practicioners.

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Hong Kong Mat and Reformer Pilates


We strive to help you live a healthier and more active life, so can live up to you to your full potential regardless of your age or body type. We conduct our sessions in a discreet and private studio filled with natural light, plants and a wide variety of training equipment. We want to provide you with the knowledge and skills to make permanent and sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. Move better and live better with us.



“In true Hong Kong fashion, I have a hectic work schedule, dislike gyms and LOVE food; I had always postponed training until I met Esther. I went to the first lesson with lots of self doubt and self consciousness, but she was quick to make me feel at home and most importantly -for someone that had never used her upper body muscles-, she made me feel safe. She pushes me, but guides me throughout every single workout, she has all these personalised charts and tables that add the bit of professionalism that reassures someone like me. I finally feel I am in the right path and can commit to a healthier more balanced lifestyle.  Bonus points for being one of the few doggy friendly personal trainers!”

Maly P.

“Esther makes SUP so fun and easy I hardly noticed I was working out! And the stunning views across Stanley are bliss. I also learnt handy techniques like how to turn efficiently and rest my legs.”

Allana D.

“Thank you for a wonderful balanced training, an incredible blend of being a lot of fun and a great work out. Incorporating Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) into a personal training session adds a whole new dimension to fitness. From all aspects; the location, the equipment and the professional hands on instruction, the whole experience was amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Esther and Aquaterra Performance and can’t wait for my next session!”

Judy S.

“Personal training with Esther has been an excellent way to get back my strength and fitness after having a baby. I was clueless as to what I should and shouldn’t be doing postpartum and didn’t know where to start. The workouts are challenging, fun and include lots of variety. With Esther coming to my home for the sessions it also means I can maximise time with my little one (and have no excuse to miss a workout)! As a bonus Esther is also a swim instructor and gave my four month old her first swimming lesson, which she absolutely loved. I would highly recommend Esther, she is a very knowledgeable, dynamic and patient trainer who makes working out enjoyable and gets results.”

Helen A.

“We had a great time with Esther leading circuits - she had creative workout plans, which were both fun and hard work! She was attentive with our form which is important for preventing injury and also maximising the effectiveness of the exercises. The SUP coaching was also really useful - even if you've been out before, having someone teach you how to do it properly is great!”

Natalie K.

“I usually hate doing gym work but I loved Esther’s prenatal class because she mixed up cardio with breathing and stretching exercises too. She is great at listening to what you need and tailoring your workout accordingly. Not only did she work on getting me strong but was a great help in relieving pregnancy aches and pains. Thank you!!!”

Tam W.


Our personal training, yoga and mobility programs are informed by our background in high performance sport, military training and teachings from some of the most renowned figures in the wellness industry. We believe that everyone who walks in our door is unique. So we take this knowledge and tailor it to your needs and goals, to deliver results regardless of your age, gender or body type.

Esther Bland Personal Trainer Hong Kong Profile


I’ve always been active from a young age, particularly with watersports. This led me to become a swimming instructor for babies and children, while also pursuing a career in personal training. Once the mothers of my students found out I was a trainer they always had a ton of fitness questions for me. Things like which exercises were safe to do while pregnant, and tips on how to reduce ‘mum tum’. This led me pursue extra qualifications in pre-and postnatal fitness. And as a result of working with so many mums since then, I’ve gained a much deeper appreciation for how the different stages of a women’s life (e.g. puberty, child birth and menopause) can have a profound impact on her physiology and mental wellbeing. Today, I work with women at all of these key stages in their lives, designing customised training programs to help them thrive inside and outside the gym.


I didn’t grow up taking physical fitness very seriously. Getting good grades always used to be more important to me. But two years of compulsory military service made me appreciate the value of getting stronger, more mobile and more physically durable. I discovered competitive sport soon after. And since then I’ve competed at a club and national level in several paddle sport disciplines. As high volume training for dragon boat, SUP and outrigger canoe began to take their toll on my body, I turned to yoga and mobility training to prevent and manage my injuries. Today, I’ve taken what I’ve learnt to help my students get more active, while also making them more resilient to pain and injury.

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