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We offer boutique fitness programs for women in Hong Kong who believe in staying active. We work with mums-to-be who want to keep exercising through their pregnancy, new mums who want to rebuild their strength after labour, and women who want to exercise in a safe and friendly studio.



Got a bun in the oven? We will help you remain active throughout your pregnancy by exercising safely for you and your baby. Not just yoga, pilates and breathing exercises.

We do specially modified weight and cardio programs that will give you a full workout!



Are you a mum who is struggling to get back into their favourite sports and activities after your pregnancy? Are you still feeling far from 100% months after giving birth?

Our comprehensive rehab training for mums will rebuild your muscles and your confidence.



Finding the gym a bit of a drag, and looking for a new kind of exercise? Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an awesome low impact cardio exercise in the beautiful outdoors.

Our SUP classes are also mum friendly!



Build body awareness, and increase your flexibility and mobility with the ancient practice of yoga. Different classes to suit everyone from athletes looking to supplement their training programs to beginners looking to deepen their understanding of body and spirit.



We create fully organised corporate wellness programs to empower your employees and inspire a passion for health and fitness.

Studies have shown that wellness programs are an effective way of improving retention and reducing sickness absence.


“In true Hong Kong fashion, I have a hectic work schedule, dislike gyms and LOVE food; I had always postponed training until I met Esther. I went to the first lesson with lots of self doubt and self consciousness, but she was quick to make me feel at home and most importantly -for someone that had never used her upper body muscles-, she made me feel safe. She pushes me, but guides me throughout every single workout, she has all these personalised charts and tables that add the bit of professionalism that reassures someone like me. I finally feel I am in the right path and can commit to a healthier more balanced lifestyle.  Bonus points for being one of the few doggy friendly personal trainers!”

Maly P.

“Esther makes SUP so fun and easy I hardly noticed I was working out! And the stunning views across Stanley are bliss. I also learnt handy techniques like how to turn efficiently and rest my legs.”

Allana D.

“Thank you for a wonderful balanced training, an incredible blend of being a lot of fun and a great work out. Incorporating Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) into a personal training session adds a whole new dimension to fitness. From all aspects; the location, the equipment and the professional hands on instruction, the whole experience was amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Esther and Aquaterra Performance and can’t wait for my next session!”

Judy S.

“Personal training with Esther has been an excellent way to get back my strength and fitness after having a baby. I was clueless as to what I should and shouldn’t be doing postpartum and didn’t know where to start. The workouts are challenging, fun and include lots of variety. With Esther coming to my home for the sessions it also means I can maximise time with my little one (and have no excuse to miss a workout)! As a bonus Esther is also a swim instructor and gave my four month old her first swimming lesson, which she absolutely loved. I would highly recommend Esther, she is a very knowledgeable, dynamic and patient trainer who makes working out enjoyable and gets results.”

Helen A.

“We had a great time with Esther leading circuits - she had creative workout plans, which were both fun and hard work! She was attentive with our form which is important for preventing injury and also maximising the effectiveness of the exercises. The SUP coaching was also really useful - even if you've been out before, having someone teach you how to do it properly is great!”

Natalie K.

“I usually hate doing gym work but I loved Esther’s prenatal class because she mixed up cardio with breathing and stretching exercises too. She is great at listening to what you need and tailoring your workout accordingly. Not only did she work on getting me strong but was a great help in relieving pregnancy aches and pains. Thank you!!!”

Tam W.



About Esther
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, Coaching & Training Women Academy
  • Level 1 & 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor, ASI
  • Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, AUSTSWIM
  • Bronze Medallion, The Hong Kong Lifesaving Society


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
  • Academy of Surfing Instructors SUP Water Safety Rescue Award (Flat Water)
  • CPR/AED/First Aid - Adult/Child/Infant, PADI
  • Team GB Dragonboat Mixed and Premier Open Squad, 2019
  • First Lieutenant, Singapore Armed Forces




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